May 12th, 2003


Conflicts, conflicts, conflicts

Tuesday - One-act practice at 5:30
Thursday - Matrix: Reloaded
Friday - Work at 5:30
Tuesday through Thursday - Guard tryouts to 6:00
Friday - Extra help session for Guard

Guard practice was cool. Need to call Carter and tell him that I can't do play practice before 6:00. Will stay till 5 on Friday before going to work. I doubt that Slater will be joining Guard as he wasn't there today and won't be there tomorrow. I, on the other hand, am putting Guard first (besides work). I hope that Rita makes Captain. She's awesome.
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Alex is trying to whore me out to get discounts on Russian food. Lol.. ^^;

A quote from Guard tryouts, when we were going around the circle introducing ourselves: "I'm PV, I'm in eleventh grade, I have no experience, but I have a DEX of 13, for those of you that speak d20." XD (And yes, I realize I only have a DEX of 12.. I forgot. >_<)