May 10th, 2003



If you're up now or soon, check out the History channel (61 in Richmond). They're having a thing on the Marquis de Sade..!
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Fall in love

Philosophical musings.

Ya know, I've thought about this a few times.. The general idea is that every guy wants two lesbians, right? But that can't be true. They might say that, but that can't be true! I mean, think about it: if they want to join in (and believe me, they do), it'd have to be two bi girls!

I just want one. :P What? No, I don't have anyone in mind. Go away. I'm not talking to you. >.> LEAVE ME ALONE!! STOP BADGERING MEEEEEEEE!!!

Poll #133597 Fantasy?

Would you rather have two lesbian girls or two bi girls?

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