April 30th, 2003



Cut from 'Soldier's Home,' by Ernest HemingwayCollapse )

That reminds me of when I yelled at my mother while we were on our way up to Rochester, telling her that she wasn't a good mother. I was worried about Maggie because something had happened to her at a party (don't want to talk about it in here, ie. this entry) and I'd gone through a kind of nervous breakdown and was very worried.. I was coming a weekend too late.. and I didn't want to eat, and she said that if I didn't eat, we'd go back home. So I was very upset with her. She cried.. I felt very bad. Still do. I shouldn't have done that. But I was under a lot of stress, and not eating for a little bit wouldn't have killed me.. I just needed to see Maggie. (Yes, this was while we were still together.) Not that that's any excuse..

The play's the thing...

What's with the lack of cool moods on LJ, anyway?

Haha, the musical was amazing. I loved it. Those people are amazingly talented. I kinda got over the intense loneliness that I was feeling as the second half came around, so that was good. And ushering was very fun - I was up front with Drew taking tickets - but I think I'll be on crew next year.

I kinda asked a girl out, but she almost has a boyfriend - or that's what she told me, anyway ^_~ - so that didn't quite work out. But it was fun anyway, so it didn't really matter. :-)

I'll probably be on AIM later tonight; don't really feel like getting on right now. Talk to y'all later! Ja matte!

Oh, and my triceps are dead for some reason. Must've worked real hard tearing off those ticket stubs. ^^:

Oh, and I stalked her first. ^^ Twas fun. She asked if I wanted to go to Arby's with her and a couple other people cuz I was stalkin' her. But I'm poor and have no transportation. The second could probably easily have been fixed; the first, not so easily. ^^ Maybe next time. ^^
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I have a lot of good music on my laptop.. though it's not necessarily the happiest music. And ya know what? I shouldn't be happy anyway. It puts me back where I belong.
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