April 29th, 2003


A deep disturbance

Tried out for one-acts today; they basically told me not to infect the next person with my suckiness as I called them in.

There are 6 and a half weeks left of school, and I can't wait for it to be out. I've been burned out for a while now; this has been a tough year; and I've got APs coming up soon. It's gonna blow massively. I just want to be able to lie around and relax.. though it's gonna suck not being with my friends every day. There's no way that I'll be able to be as active as I was over Spring Break; that was a special circumstance. I hope to be able to be with them a lot, though...

Melissa's good at dishing out pain from her own little world. It's interesting, in its own morbid little way. Just let her go; you'll be a lot happier. I know that your happiness is the last that you'll work for, but it's important to the rest of us. She's too absorbed with herself to know how to care about anything; she's so arrogant that she can't see anything around her. Just forget about her...

It's been nice to not have to see her at school. She's been sick, and it's been Heaven. I hate having to have her around so much at school.. I hate having to see her at all. She disgusts me.
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