April 27th, 2003


Battle my imp?

Pet Vampire's
Battle Imp

Who's your battle imp?

Backstabbing: 10

Dodgin': 10

Guts: 8

Magic Mojo: 10

Smackdown: 1


Will your battle imp beat Pet Vampire's?
Enter your name and fight.

I like my Battle Imp. ^^ ::pets Eaem::
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I'm A-Okay! Actually..

After your date, you are sharing an awkward moment outside the car with your date. In such a situation, you: Fall down and sprain your ankle.

...Ow. >_<

200 OK - The request has succeeded.

You are easy going and unassuming, sometimes too
much so. You don't cause waves and are easy to
get along with.. probably because you prefer to
make everyone else happy before yourself. But
it doesn't matter, because people have a hard
time not liking you.

What's your HTTP Status Code?
brought to you by Quizilla

Intristing. ^^; Wish I could see what other choices there were.
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Work and stuff.

Mark used me as an arbiter for a grammar competition between him and Jason; he did the dry-erase board today, and asked me to check for grammar errors, then went and rubbed it into Jason's face that he got a lot less than Jason's 6 from Friday. ^^; That was fun. One thing I don't like about work, though - I'm getting a lot more second-hand smoke than I was before. >_<

I got $29 tipshare for Friday.. the first time that I've gotten enough tipshare for a day to bring my total, with base pay, above $7/hr. But today was very slow, so I'll prolly still be getting bonus on my paycheck this Friday to bring me up to $7/hr. I now have enough to get Rick's present, though; need to find out exactly when his birthday is.

Made a wish on the first star I saw as I was walking back to my car.. and I sat around for a little while in my car when I got home, where it was nice and quiet and almost dark (a couple lights around my house were annoying me).. that was kinda nice. I wanted to sleep there, but I have work to do..

Oh, and I need help finding a nice leash and collar, if anyone wants to give me any suggestions.. need to get prepared for AMA. And I need Fuma-esque boots, as well, if anyone who knows what they look like wants to go shopping with me for them.. can come for the leash and collar too, if you want. ^_~

Still not sure if I want a girlfriend or not. ::shrug:: Not that it really matters in the whole scheme of things.. want or not, there's nobody that I'd want to go out with that's not taken.

And I think I'm making some headway with making friends with the two Spanish women that work in the back cleaning dishes, silverware, etc., but I don't know about with everyone else.. it's disappointing when you try to make friends.. it works a lot better if you just let it happen. But work environments such as this one aren't all that conducive to stuff like that. And I'd really like it if everyone learned where things GO in the back! Don't just pile junk up! GRRR! >_< .. ::coughs:: Sorry, random ranting about stuff that nobody understands anyway. >.> And Jeff, we're not hiring soon.. don't need help yet. >.< Sorry.. You and Rob will have to look elsewhere unless you want to wait. Oh, and Mom - yeah, Mark does help with cooking sometimes; he helps with everything. No, don't worry; my mom doesn't actually read my LJ. I'm just putting it in here.

Well, I'm off to do stuff and then go do my work. ::sigh:: I have a lot.. who didn't see that coming?

edit: There's something in my eye! Oh, and I need to get Rick's mother a birthday present too. ^^; What do you think I should get her?
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