April 26th, 2003


Forgot to post -

Yesterday, a bus tub fell and I caught it with my hips (well, around there; I moved my hips forward to stop it) and a lotta water/soda spilled on me. ^^; But, as Warren said, the important thing is that I saved it.

And that brings me to what I forgot to post - If you eat at our restaurant, ask for Warren to be your server (and leave a good tip ^^); he's, in my opinion, our best, and nicest, server. Oh, and he liked my ears. ^^- (Bunny ears, people!)

edit: ::laughs:: As I was typing in my "mood," I remembered the compliments I got on my mood of "my eye itches." ^^
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Dating Jewish girls.

Alex and I just teamed up against our mom against dating Jewish girls. And Mom told me I had to find him a Jewish girl cuz he doesn't know any (except for one half-Jewish girl); fft, no way! Three things:

1) Alex doesn't want to go to out with a Jewish girl.
2) I can understand. (At this point, he said, "Thank you, Kevin!")
3) Me finding him a girlfriend is just a BAAAAAD idea!

HAHAHA My parents just went through a question/answer thing with my brother.. "Where can you find smart Jewish girls?" "In school." "So where do you have to go to meet Jewish girls?" "To school. I wanna make money, not spend it!" ^^

HAHA, and my mom just told Alex to get a Jewish girlfriend and stalk her to places where other Jews are so that he can find other Jewish girls. ^^;;; LOL I'm gonna stop listing stuff. It'll never end. ^^;;

Alex bonding time is fun.. I imparted Takeshi's advice to him ("Don't be sippin' on the haterade") and we cracked up. XD

more Jew stuff: I said "It's hard to love Jews" (at which my Mom yelled out of the bathroom, "Kevin!"), and a little bit later, my grandma was telling us about.. I think her aunt's husband.. who died in Vienna; she said that the Jews weren't loved during the time of Vienna, and my dad said that they were never loved - it's hard to love Jews. XD I love my family sometimes. ^^
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