April 25th, 2003



Work .. was .. BI-ZY! O_O! Yarr!

Hehe. ^^ I found out today that if you drop one of our glasses onto a plate, it's the plate that will break, not the glass! Nifty! ^^;; Inadvertant(sp?) experimentation is fun. :P

I need a massage.. my back is killing me! >.< I desperately need a girlfriend. No, not just for massages. :P I've been thinking that all day; just that a girlfriend would be really nice right now for a massage..... >.< But hey, work kept me distracted, so work is good for me. And I asked if he could schedule me at least 3 days a week; I need the money. He said it'd be hard since we cut back to 2 supports on weekdays, but he'd try. And I heard rumors about pay getting raised to $5 plus tipshare, which would be very nice. ^^; We'll see if that pans out; I'm not getting my hopes up.

Tonight, I'm just gonna relax.. see if I can't get my back to stop hurting.. that one'll prolly be harder than getting my feet to stop. ^^ And tomorrow I'm gonna hang out with friends and watch very cool movies, so that'll be good. Tatsu's thing got moved to 10-12, so he's gonna come and hang out with us (us = Tenshi ;)! And the Warhammer thing for the night of the 17th is pretty much on, so that'll be sweet. :D I'll go to Ryuu's Bar Mitzvah dinner, then head out to Cary's for Warhammer.. then, if I'm up to it, I might go to the Y101 second birthday bash. We'll see. ^^ Depends on if I have the energy and I have the money (I need my money.. I need to pay my parents back.. I wanna get that done QUICKLY! >_.<

EDIT: I'm so tired I forgot to put a mood icon up.. and earlier in the night, while working in the back, I was so tired that I put down some plates, turned around for a few seconds, turned back, and said, "I wish people wouldn't fucking.. oh, I put those there."

My brother's a monkey. XD Of course, I already knew that. ^_^

I'm a tiger.Collapse )

I think a lot of that fits me pretty well. Of course, I only read a sentence here and there (which makes, yes, two sentences), but still.. XD

'nother EDIT: I changed "there" to "their" in two spots on our dry-erase board today.. Jason doesn't know what to use with "their tables" >.< ::goes to post that on the grammar_whores community::

::blink:: They post often.. o.o Of course, with so many members, I guess that makes sense, but sheesh!
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