April 20th, 2003



Chocolate is addictive..

And why is no one posting on the Nippon Saga? Slater had promised to post days ago! :P I'm waiting for people to do things, cuz I'm stuck with them again. XD Can't go do stuff until they respond! :D I wanna go search through Alex's library and find cool stuff and stuff!!! AHHH!!! XDD

Ooh, and if I decide to kill my character off at any point, I'mma gonna make one loooooooooooooooooooooooooong post..! Remember the long one that I made earlier that I had to split into two posts cuz it was over 5000 characters? Well, think that, but longer!! :D:D:D:D:D:D XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Hey Amanda, where are you?! Finish making your character already! XD If you do it quickly, mebbe I can meet you in Alex's study or wherever he keeps his books! XD
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Today, today, today..

Why am I the only one that believes that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and try hard enough? Maybe they're right.. they all say it, so why shouldn't it be true?

I put too much stock in people.

I have some major problems.. ::sigh::

Anyway.. went to see Holes with Jeff, Tenshi, and Ryuu.. that was pretty good. We also got tickets (Jeff and I did.. Tenshi and everyone else, you need to!) for Matrix: Reloaded for 7:00 PM on May 15. Tenshi gave me the present that she and her grandmother got for her (which I'll open a bit later, and give it its own post, so that it's not lumped with this crap).. ^^; After the movie, Jeff and I went to Burger King and Jeff got me some fries.. thanks, Jeff! :) And now I have another piece to add to tomorrow's ensemble - Burger King crown! :D

I drive like a maniac when I'm alone. o.o

Umm.. apparently, I wasn't too poor to go to prom - my rents would have covered it. I'd rather hang out with friends anyway, that'll be more fun, but I'll keep it in mind for next year.

Anyway.. I'll go open the gift, take care of some stuff, then go work.. hopefully I'll be able to do without sleep for the next two nights. We'll see how that goes. It's been a long time since I've done this.

I held you close at the end
I don't know if this will become the end

Good lyrics..


Hahaha.. it's lemonade! Confusing, but very cool! ^_^ :D Thank you, Tenshi! (Feel free to post a comment and explain, though. ^_~)
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..since enough people were telling me that I should. I should replace my razor.. guess that means I should learn how to do that, ne? ^-^
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