April 14th, 2003



I'm tired. And I smelled like smoke, but I changed my shirt, so it doesn't smell like smoke anymore. I still smell like smoke, but at least my shirt doesn't.

Today was a fun day, despite the fact that I got lost for two hours and then for another half an hour. :P Don't pass the turn onto Cary Street.. bad things happen. lol. Things took a turn for the downward later, but the night ended well. And now I have a necklace which says "Flirt" in Japanese (thank you, Nanashi), and a cool dragon tattoo which I have to figure out where to put so that it's visible (probably on my neck).

Leah read my entry this morning. I kept it locked so as not to hurt her feelings, so.. ::shrug:: An' I'm kinda lonely, but still don't want a girlfriend. Awwell.

Ryuu called about an hour ago, checking if Tenshi was here; she wasn't home, and they didn't know where she was. I know she's all right, I hope she's all right, but his worried tone got to me and bad, bad thoughts started running through my mind. Blargh.

"So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight."

Good quote. And speaking of Leah's latest entry (What? When were we talking about Leah's latest entry? Shut up), I can be a pretty scary driver. I was worried last night when giving rides, cuz if something had happened.....

Night night, all. Hasta luego, mis dulces. ::evil grin::

EDIT: Leah looks down when she's thinking. ;.;

Night all.
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