April 8th, 2003



Ya know, I think Melissa may actually be becoming decent. Can't be sure, since how she acts RL doesn't always exactly portray how she actually feels, but hey, I'll take what I can get. It's annoying when people hate you! :P

At lunch, I asked, "Why does no one trust me?" Then I turned to Melissa and said, "Stop looking at me." :P As Kiwi said, it was the wrong group to ask that in. :P

On another note, Derek and Amanda should go to prom together. Now, on to my posts from earlier today that I couldn't get up here till now:

[EDIT: It's really annoying to have to type all this crap up. >.<]

Too much work
mood - stressed
time - 8:45

I'm dead. x_x

Trig War
mood - stressed
time - 10:04

Coach Hoy wants me to take the Trig-Star contest (which I'm all for). He gave me the sample problems to look over. Looks pretty easy. Gotta find out when it is, though. It's a competition for $1500. I won't win, of course, but I'd love to. ^^;; Could use the money.

The cold war made for some cool quotes. I'm sure you all heard "More bang for your buck," but I doubt many of you have heard the Russian counterpart: "More rubble for your ruble." ^_^ Oh well, back to trig. ::sigh:: I'm so screwed.. and I gotta get out of reading during fifth because I need the time to study. ::sigh::

EDIT: Have I mentioned how annoying it is to forget your glasses at home?

Poetry Day
mood - light, stressed
time - 11:36

I read Invictus, which didn't go too badly, I thought. Michael Kelly and Drew Baker together read "arguably the most controversial pop song" around - Complicated. ^_^ That was cool.

I'm feeling a little bit better, but I'm still stressed as all hell. I can't wait for a week and a half into May.. and then summer.. ::drools:: Auggggggg...

mood - meh, whatever
time - 12:19

I like being clever. My last post on the Nippon Saga had Dice saying that he wasn't running away. I titled it "Running Away" I like being clever and funny. ^_^ I amuse myself.

EDIT: Why does no one trust me? ::pout::

mood - lol
time - 12:59

I just got asked to prom. Lol. ^^- Cool. Not going, but still cool.

EDIT: Not going cuz I can't afford it; leave me alone. I'd love to go, but I honestly cannot afford it! (And I can't dance anyway. :P)

mood - screwed; very, very screwed
time - 13:34

I walked into study hall, and Mr. Martin was standing there, looking up at where the airport used to be. He asked in a quiet voice, "Where did the uh.. airport go?" I said, "We don't have an airport? That kinda sucks. [slight pause] I'm going to the bathroom," and walked out. ^^-

I am so screwed. So very screwed. I'm gonna fail my spanish test because I don't have half of what I need to written, much less all this crap memorized. Well, back to work. ::sigh:: Bad start to this week.

EDIT: BTW, the trig contest is on the 26th, I think. And the airport's been gone for a while; he just never noticed it. :P He's never in there anyway. ^_^

EDIT: I have NO idea how I managed to remember that much, but I don't think I failed my spanish test. In fact, I only left two one-point blanks empty! I'm amazed with myself. Of course, that doesn't mean I got full credit for everything else, but I did a heck of a lot better than I expected to. ::wipes nonexistant sweat off brow:: Phew!

Now to go back to studying for history. 30 multiple choice on this quoz; I am going to fail this one. History is a lot harder than spanish is. And I do a lot worse on multiple choice than I do on identify, generally. >.< Ahh fun.. And I have a ton of work for tonight.. eep! ::cries::

History Test
mood - bleh
tmie - 15:44

The history test was honors level, so it was pretty easy. If I had finished reading the material, I'm sure I'd have done a lot better on it. Heck, there were only 4 choices for each problem, and the questions and answers were easy! So, I may have passed.

Good news; besides the notes due tomorrow, we only have one more set of RN to do, and we're done (with RN, anyway.) Yay! Hehe. ^^- Still have a lot of work to do, but it's good that I'm done with the test and quiz. x_x I gotta remember to put the $5 Tenshi gave me onto her LJ account; I have a paypal account, so she just gave me cash and I can get it actually attached to her account. ^^

[EDIT: Done. Did it. She's paid for for the next two months.

Account type: Paid Account

BTW, Tenshi - "I'm young, so very of it will matter..." What's wrong with this sentence? ^_~]

Welp, ACTs this weekend, and then Leah will be down. You all will be meeting her at least once during spring break, if you're here for it. ^_^ And Slater's basically moving in with me so he can spend time with her. :P Should be fun.

Oh yeah - Mrs. Rollison collected homework from everybody today; that's 3 points gone byebye (which equate to quiz points and are also multiplied by 5 for the quiz grade). Ahh well.. shouldn't be too bad. And this semester's being pretty fucked anyway. >.<

I forgot to read during fifth period. ^^;;;;; Nanashi bopped me on the head and called me "baka" in the hall cuz of that. >.< One of these days I'm gonna snap and hurt her; we definitely need to teach her that things like that shouldn't be done. I don't want Jeff angry at me. And I don't particularly want to hurt Nanashi either. ::shrug::

It's hard to find a closing note for entries sometimes. Not that this is a real entry yet.. just typing away on my sticky ::grumble grumble::

Toodles. ::waves::
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