April 5th, 2003

Sano in bath

Movies + Girls

Alex invited me down to watch About a Boy and Ringu with him, Vicky, and Kim. I only stayed for About a Boy (very good movie; I suggest you all watch it) because I have SATs tomorrow morning (well, today morning :P). As I was leaving, Alex was asking me why I had to go, then realized that I had SATs. He offered to take them for me; we were debating who would score higher. I, of course, will beat his 1530 with ease (even if he did get a 1490 on his first time). When we started, he had me work the DVD player, so of course my last comment as I was walking out (right after the debate) was, "Do you need me to work the DVD player for you?" Kim and Vicky laughed. ::laughs:: Fun stuff.

Anyway, yeah, I gotta get to bed. If Mom finds out I was up even this late, I'm pretty screwed. :P I want a girlfriend, but I definitely want to spend a bunch of time with my friends to, rather than opt for private time with her like I was likely to earlier. You guys are too cool. And hey, there were pretty and cool girls in the movie. ^^ Anyway, yeah; off to bed. Still want to meet that cool girl from the movies earlier. Need to see if I can track her down.

That seems kinda weird. Take that as you will.
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A poem that my friend wrote while we were outside during English yesterday, in response to a poem in our lit book (please note that I have trouble reading his handwriting; I believe that this is accurate) :

Shackles for Mr. Smart's Daughter

Her hands were so small
Her hair so gold
Although she's twelve
He's fifty years old

Where's the brat
Have it your way
He kidnapped the girl
And then ran away

Hey, it could happen
We're open late
They found her in shock
Had she been raped?
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Imported Megami: Were you out this evening?
JimBob4554: No, I was in..
JimBob4554: ..Slater's house..
Imported Megami: lol.
Imported Megami: How is he?
JimBob4554: Big.
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