April 2nd, 2003


Whee. :D

I took a dagger
I made it bleed
I watched you crying
I filled my need

Just a little something I wrote on my way to fourth. ^_^

Ooh, and I think I just bombed my physics test. Whee! ^_^

EDIT: damn board code.. ::grumbles::
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Green Day

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The people in my study hall are so stupid. One of the guys, while talking about a college, said, "Like, if you sleep with someone of the opposite sex, you get kicked out." So what happens if you sleep with someone of the same sex?

Oh my god.. that's insane. ::blinks:: I'm so glad I got over typing in shorthand. And I'm definitely not average in my online time; there's no way that I spend 12 hours per week online. It's at least 4 times that..

I like the advice for adults part of that though.. "Advice for adults e-mailing or chatting online with children:" Can you say "pedophile?"

< worked up > "Online lingo may even have roots in other languages, says communications professor Robert Schrag of North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The absence of vowels, for example, is similar to how Hebrew is usually written, he says." That is such crap! Yeah, Hebrew is written like that, but I highly doubt that these 12-year-old mindless AOL girls have gone out and researched Hebrew to get tips on how to type! Argh!

"And the use of "emoticons" — punctuation sequences such as :-) that create smiley faces and the like to convey emotion — are a form of the pictographic characters used in Asian languages." More crap! This stuff did not develop from anything else! If it could develop once, it could develop any number of times. This guy ticks me off with his stupidity. There is no way that this stuff evolved from other languages! < /worked up >

Anyway, barring people from the net isn't the way to do it. Just gotta get them speaking properly, like I do. Then again, I'm a lot smarter than most of these people. ^^-
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Just realized..

Just realized - after the first week of May, I'll have so much less work.. APUSH will be done except for a project, and AP Stats will be done except for some activities we're gonna do (things involving M&Ms and paper frogs and such). And when the seniors graduate, we're not doing a single thing in Stats. Woohoo!!