April 1st, 2003


What a day!

Ack, I hate it when I lose my posts!

Anyway, I went and played DDR with Derek and Shukun (finally got to meet him) today at VCC; that was fun. :D And I got to meet Takeshi, which was cool. Jeff called me while I was driving there (I really need to start bringing my earpiece when I drive; it's not a good idea to drive one-handed), and Mike called me while I was on my way back; that was cool. Mike's got a nice voice. I got kinda lost on the way back, but I was almost back where I needed to be when I called, so it only took me one call to get things straight, and from there I got home just fine. :)

My wish tonight [I wish on stars (and in fountains), for those of you that didn't know] was for both Tenshi and Koneko. I love them both dearly. I used to wish for Tenshi, and then when Koneko's problems started, I sent a few her way. Tonight, both were on my mind and in my heart when I made my wish.

I'm gonna play around online for a bit, then try to do some work. Hopefully I can get at least some done; I have a lot.

Oh, and I ruined Mike's call. I have his number programmed into my cell, so it came up as "Mike" when he called; he was gonna whisper "raaaaaaaaape" and "staaaaaaaaalk." :D He's fun. He just said that if he were gay, he'd rape me. (I just showed him my pictures; he'd never seen them before.) Sweet. :D
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