March 26th, 2003



One of the things that I dislike about reading: I get pulled into it, and then I want more than I have. (Just learned about when all this fully began in history, lol.) I really, really want someone to be there with me all the time. ::sigh:: I don't think I'll ever have that, regardless of whether or not I find a love that sticks with me.
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A pacing devil

I was pacing, and was asked to sit down. Peter said that it was like "the Devil pacing around [his] soul." I'm pretty proud of that. XD Said that I look like I'm deciding something important. W00t. XD
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Death Bed

The wise man said Don't ask me
All I know is You'll be sorry
Sorry when I'm dead Dead and gone
In a bitchin' blaze of glory

Holding a grudge can take a lifetime
And there's a lot I forgot to say
I'll tell it to the world
On my deathbed
Some day
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    IKE - Death Bed (Na Na Na) [in my head]


I might be getting a used car of my own (ie. not getting my mom's car, which I really like). We know someone that can get us a good deal on just about any used car, and we're not gonna be able to get a loan to get Mom a new car anytime soon because of the house. So if we do it that way, when we do get Mom's new car, Dad will take Mom's current car (the '95 Toyota Camry that I love) to drive to work. There are two benefits here that I can see: 1) I get a car sooner, and 2) Mom can wait longer (instead of rushing so that I get her car) and pick whatever kind of car she'd like.But it means that I don't get my mom's awesome car. ;.; But I'll have a car for Spring Break, hopefully. :D

Guess we'll see how that works out. If you have any suggestions for cars, tell me. (I'm going for black or dark blue colorwise, btw.)
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AHAHA!! ::cracks up:: THAT'S GREAT!!

Okayokayokay, see, we just had a telemarketer call, and he couldn't pronounce our last name. He was like, "Can I talk to Mr. Aks.. Ask.. Aks.." and kept stuttering trying to get it. Dad told him, "Nobody's home." He said, "Okay, I'll call back later." XDDDDDD AHAHAHA!!!
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please... tenshi, someone, be there... please... ::curls up and cries::
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Thank you

Thank you, ben. For sort of caring. ;) I appreciate it more than you might think.

And Tenshi, don't worry about me. I just need to post and let some feelings out sometimes. That's what LJs are for, ne?
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