March 24th, 2003



Memorable points regarding the 22nd of this month:

  • Lenin's birthday
  • Hitler's birthday
  • My book review is due

    I thought that fitting. ^^;; I just got back from a pretty productive (and amusing and non-mature) study group; driving is fun. I think I know my way to Cary's house now. Good stuff. And I now have Holste's number; that might come in useful sometime.

    So yeah, I plan on getting started on 26 RN pretty soon. I hear there are only like 26 pages in that chapter, so that'll be good, since I still need to read 27 too. (And 25 and 26, but skimming might be enough. And I need to go over the chart that I just got from Eric that we had gotten on the 19th when I wasn't there. It looks like good material for either the paragraph or an essay, and I just got it! ARGH!! >.
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