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Mhh. It was good to see Sorrel again. Though, looking in the mirror, I still can't figure out why she likes me. But, don't look a gift.. err.. okay, so that's a bad expression to use in this situation. ^_^;;;;;;; She's entirely too pretty, though; people that pretty aren't supposed to like me!

Mmm, that chocolate pudding was really good. ^^; I was hungry, so had the leftovers of yesterday's Japanese food (which was a salad and a miso soup :P) and some pudding. ^^;

The night was fun, and now I know how to get to and from Snack's house. I know from better than I know to. :P

Jeff and I both made decks with Sarah's cards today (Magic), and mine whooped his ass in only a few turns. XP It's pretty much a crappier version of a white weenie deck, cuz she doesn't have the expensive cards to make it an amazing one. But, I thought it worked out well enough. And she didn't want a white deck, but it was an awesome deck for what I had to work with. :P Though, I don't think that it would stand up to Jeff's time after time, but it was just cool to beat him that once that easily. :)

Need to talk to Sorrel and get directions for Monday, so that there's a slightly lesser probability that I'll get hopelessly, hopelessly lost. Now, that's not to say that I won't, just that there's a slightly lesser chance. :P
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