Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I really hate my school sometimes.

JimBob4554: And I need to talk to Mom and see if she wants to pay for senior pics.
BluCandyChan: ::nod::
JimBob4554: Mmh. She does. Gonna have to go make a special appointment since I missed my two, apparently.
JimBob4554: If the school would, ya know, tell us about these things, it might be a little easier.
JimBob4554: instead of having the company send us a thingie.
JimBob4554: blargh
JimBob4554: whatever
JimBob4554: stupid
JimBob4554: it's gonna be more expensive cuz i missed my appt and my backup appt cuz they dont tell us anything
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