Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Went to the open-casket viewing; didn't cry any. Feel really, really bad about that.. I cried a lot at my grandma's viewing and my grandpa's viewing. There are a number of possibilities as to why this isn't affecting me very much.. My dad's crying affected me more than seeing her lying there, though.

I'm gonna get cancer. >_< I've been talking on my cell phone for hours upon hours over the past couple days (weekend = unlimited minutes). I'm gonna try to hunt down an earpiece today - Grandma gave me $20 - and possibly a clip/holder thingie to put my cell phone on my belt/pants (pants cuz I rarely wear a belt). I used to have an earpiece - kept it in my mom's car so I could use it while driving - but it disappeared. I wish I knew where it was. >_< Not cool. Oh well; I'll get another one.

Gotta call Jeff, talk about Friday, and Sorrel, talk about gaming and such. And talk to Afton as well. Fun stuff. ^^ I love having a cell phone with people's numbers programmed in.. and always available. :D

Called Ariel back; first time in a while I've talked to her. Didn't stay on the phone for hours as normal; been on the phone too long anyway. Gonna go see if I can't hunt down that earpiece soon - steal the van and go to a store or somesuch.
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