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Things I'm missing.

Missed work today. Missing 2 days of Guard camp (so missing 2 of the 5 days during which we learn the show we're performing). Missing seeing Sorrel on Sunday; not sure when the next chance I'll have to see her will be. It's gonna be a busy couple months at least.

Problems on other fronts that I don't feel like discussing; they ... I ... don't matter.

Been getting a lot of sympathy for the death of my grandmother, but it hasn't affected me as of yet. She died; it happens. We'll see how the funeral turns out. Her death hasn't been the reason I've been wanting to cry, though.

EDIT: Oh, and I didn't get the amulet at the last session because Ben kept trying to hand it to me and the others didn't approve, and Rob was playing both my and Ania's characters and ended up giving it to Ania. She's also an Elf, so I have no excuse to get it from her. So now I don't have my amulet. Oh well. And I'm missing the session on Monday as well.
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