Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I'm back!

And I went to Barnes & Noble to finish my Prestige Class (which has been approved :D), and while I was there, a girl lost a bet and asked me for my number. :P

So, the weekend: Got there on Friday, met Amanda, her family, and Amanda. Went out to Japanese restaurant - good stuff; had teriyaki chicken - and went back; hung out. Stayed up till around 4; tickling Amanda ish very fun. >D

Saturday, went hiking. x_x Then got fudge. :DDD Went to get pizza and such, and I beat Amanda in air hockey 9 to 5. ^^ Then hung out some more; passed out early.

Sunday, went to see Seabiscuit. Was a very good movie; surprisingly good. Had lasagna for dinner. :D ^^;; I ate a lot more good chocolate over there than I normally do; I need to get some. >.< It made me realize how much I love good chocolate...

Was not happy to go. ;.; Loved spending time with Amanda. She was even cooler in person. Her voice was different than I expected; sounded more pleasant. ^^

Fun with commercials
Fun with ... logic

That last one was me on her SN. :P

I'm gonna try to catch up with the surely at least 200 posts that I've missed in the past two weeks. >.< Should be fun. x_x And I still have to do most of my summer reading...


edit: Oh, and I bought a hunting knife. >P

moredit: JimBob4554: go go gadget sexual favors
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