Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Hey hey.

Guard today was fun; I had people guiding to me, which made me grin. I like it when Mr. Auman singles me out like that. I signed out a rifle to practice with; I'd like to be on rifle. I'm only gonna have one or two seasons of Guard, so I wanna get to everything. ^_^

Went to Barnes & Noble to work on the D&D campaign I'm making with Afton; got a bit done. She bought me coffee, and I'm having coke now, so I'll be up to work on it some more with her tonight. :) Going tomorrow morning to Pennsylvania; spending the weekend with Amanda. :P Should be fun. :) Gonna bring my trenchcoat. XD

I'll see you all Monday evening! :)

EDIT: JimBob4554: ::chokes on coke; splutters:
JimBob4554: :
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