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Nanashi reminded me about Winter Guard.. I think I may use part (a good chunk) of the $1000 I'll get from the sale of the house to pay for Winter Guard. ::sigh::...

And I get a shirt and pants for my costume for Guard - the others are using older costumes, and, of course, they didn't have any males on Guard back then... ;)

Got the first part of Sorrel's letter, so now I'm replying. It's a rather lengthy reply, at least for me.. going on my fourth page. Insane.. She's sick. >.<

I'm tired.. and stuff. Wasn't happy beginning with Nanashi asking about Winter Guard. Didn't get anything done at Barnes & Noble besides start on Sorrel's letter, but pulling it out made me smile briefly. That's always nice. We had people looking at the house.. they were back for their second time, and they were here for over an hour, so I'm hoping they'll be making an offer. And that we'll negotiate it to something acceptable and accept.. I really want this to be over with. x.x And it'll be good to have the house sold - the money will come in useful.
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