Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Dillards and stuff

Dillards doesn't hire till 18. Oh well. :P I just want more hours at Glory Days, I don't want to leave.

"If you can't do it with a sword, do it with a fireball. If you can't do it with a fireball, it isn't worth doing."

Real Men Don't Play GURPS (or Vampires, for that matter)

The Tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo

Prestige Classes:

The Usenet Poster
The Usenet Monk
The Toilet Cleaner

"When it comes time to fix a program like this, no manager would even think of sending anything less than a Real Programmer to do the job-- no Quiche Eating structured programmer would even know where to start. This is called 'job security'."

Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal
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