Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Hangin' out and Little Venice.

Well, I started out the day walking to Afton's house. (Okay, actually, I started hanging out online, but the first important thing, besides levelling my character, was walking to Afton's house.) Then she and I walked back to Tenshi's house, where we hung out for a couple hours or so, then I left at 4:30 - Dad picked me up. Went home for a little bit, then had Dad drop me off at Books A Million while he and Mom looked at appliances (I worked on some D&D stuffs). Came home, gave them my present (:D), then we went out to Little Venice for dinner. It was good (actually, I didn't really like the salmon stuffed with crab that I got, but I absolutely loved the soft-shell crabs that Alex got.. god, those were awesome!), but one thing about Little Venice - don't get anything that doesn't have a price. @.@ The waitress told us about the specials, and we mostly if not all got them.. they were slightly expensive. @.@

I got Tenshi's postcard; was very difficult to read, but I managed all but one word. :P And I got another letter from Sorrel (was anxiously awaiting it ^^); it's got "Part 2 - read 2nd" written on it.. I don't have anything that says "Part 1". Dunno if that's one of the letters she's already sent me or what.. @.@ Darnit.. :P I'm assuming that she wouldn't label a Part 1 cuz she wouldn't expect to make a Part 2, but now that I think about it.. gah! I'm gonna read it anyway, and if it doesn't make sense, then I'll wait and see if I get anything else. ^^ Not that I won't be anxiously awaiting another letter anyway... :P

Gotta check the newspaper thing that Dad gave me; may be going tomorrow to Dillards at the new Short Pump Mall to try to get a job; hear they start out at $12/hr, which is slightly better than my current job. XP Though I doubt I'll be able to get it.. but I can try! ::sigh:: Shouldn't get my hopes up though; doubtful anything will come of this.

EDIT: Okay, still going tomorrow, but it's up to $12/hr or more depending on experience and qualifications,.. meaning that I'd be making the minimum they'd pay. :P Gonna check it out, see how much they'll pay; not gonna leave if it's $7 or less, since I'm making that now and the job seems to be swinging up. Got a day during the week! Wednesday the 6th! :D
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