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Well, the day started out well; the car wash was awesome, got in two-and-a-half hours of quality yelling time. The game after that was very awesome as well, and the car ride driving Ben home was good too. Dinner was pretty nice - went out to Olive Garden with Mom and Dad - then came home. Called Katie and Raleigh during dinner to a) make sure that everything was set for lunch tomorrow, and b) invite Raleigh to it. Raleigh didn't want to come to the phone. ... ::sigh:: [EDIT: She was asleep. I feel better. Actually, I'm lying, but if that's all that was on my mind, then I would.]

Got home, not much seems to be going right. Tenshi's not very happy.. at all.. Afton.. well, I suppose I shouldn't say anything now, but let's just say that all's not well on that front. Will go walk over to her house Monday afternoon and spend some time with her. Was going to go to Tenshi's, but forgot that she's got lab stuff; will catch her some other time. Wanna talk to Ben about something. And need to tell Jeff he left his sunglasses here (already told Erin that she left her calculator here). Had 13 people in my living room, including myself, for the game - 10 players, 1 DM, and 2 observers. We're not gonna have any more observers (unless I convince Ben to let Sorrel come for one game, which I plan on doing - I wanna get her into gaming as well, and need her to sit in on a game to see how things work). Can't wait till next time; should be quite a good session. Not much I'm looking forward to at the moment; would like Sorrel back - she seems to be the only area of my life that seems pure and light and fun. Everything else has a definite dark cast to it.
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