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Wow, that was amazing. And yet, still utterly craptastic.

Well, I'm quite proud of myself - I made it to the address that Chris gave me for the party. Granted, I had to turn around a lot, but I only had to call my parents once, and that's because mapquest is stupid and tells me, at exit 43, to take the ramp to Ashland and then take the ramp to Washington. Now, that's physically impossible without breaking some laws. That first part needed to be ignored. So, after figuring out how to get back myself (after driving around for a bit), I continue in the right direction, keep screwing up and turning around, but I get there. Well, I think it was there - the address was right (the mailbox was on the other side of the street, but that house had no mailbox and the mailbox had no driveway, so I assumed it was that one, especially considering the mailbox number was even and that side of the street was odd). Either I was in the wrong place, or these people need to get the door when somebody knocks/rings. Well, considering it didn't look like there was a party going on and nobody seemed to be coming to the door, I decided to go home. Got back without a single problem! The way seemed a lot shorter and more straight forward (ie. less turns), but that's prolly cuz I didn't have to turn around five times. :P So, either way, I'm proud of myself for making it there and back; that's not something that happens often, at least not without taking a hell of a lot longer and having to call home a number of times. :)

Still, missed my chance to see Chris and Rae. ::teh sad::
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