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Bad boys, bad boys!

The movie was very good! The dead bodies were.. umm.. yeah. But the rest of the movie was very good and very fun. Talked to Jeff about Sorrel while dropping him off. ::grins; blushes:: Very happy. Though the happiness makes me forget (and/or disregard) the fact that she prolly won't stay with me for long, what with her being very pretty and able to get just about anyone she wants and me being.. not and not. I'm really, really hoping it lasts at the moment, though. I dunno; don't wanna think about it much. Killing my good mood.

Gonna go catch the tail end of Chris' birthday party tomorrow night if I get off work early enough; it's in Ashland. Gaming on Saturday, then lunch with Katie on Sunday. Monday is my parents' silver anniversary. We might have Slater's d20 game on Wednesday. ^_^ :):):)

Sorrel should be back on the 9th, I hear. And I dunno if I'm gonna go to Otakon for any of it yet.. I could crash wherever if I needed to crash.. Would just have to fork over the money (and be willing to drive).

EDIT: And, again, I find myself sitting on a letter from Sorrel. Two, actually. I need to start looking down before I sit in front of my computer..
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