Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Gonna go up to Amanda's for the 1st to the 4th.

Went to Raleigh's to pick up the wrapping paper. The light at Gaskins and Three Chopt was out, so I was gonna go all the way down Pemberton to get back, but there was an accident or something a little bit down, so that was out. Had to turn around and go back. (Ha!)

While at Raleigh's, for the whole five seconds that I was there, her sister started chanting, "Kissy kissy kissy!" o.0 Probably cuz I keep calling her, but the phone really is a useful way to get in touch with people, I swear! You should try it sometime (::cough tenshi cough::).

Gave my days off at work.. actually, gave them to a server who'll give 'em to Jason when he's slighly less busy. I'm out for a good chunk of next month, but since I only get scheduled weekends anyway, it's not as bad as it seems. Though I'll make even less money next month than normal, and normal's close enough to piddly as to make no nevermind! Gah! ::sigh:: And after tomorrow, I'm gonna owe my parents a lot more money cuz of Guard fees. ::sighs more:: Can't wait till we sell the house and I'm out of debt.... >.Carytown</i>! (No comments from Jeff; that was just that one mistake, and that was just cuz I didn't want to lose you. Shut up.)

I ate a lot for breakfast (~3:15), and that's about all I've eaten today. Since I wasn't home while my family had dinner, I can get away with saying, "I'll eat when I'm hungry." So I'll eat again later, but meal count for today will be low since I normally eat in the middle of the night anyway.

Gonna go out to lunch with Bobby tomorrow; Mom gave me $14 for it (couldda gotten more if I had asked, but I think I can handle myself on $14 and still have some to spare). And I'll wheedle some money out of her for lunch with Katie. Game's gonna be at my house on Saturday from 2 to 7, but if someone calls to say they're coming to look at the house, we're gonna have to hightail it out onto the deck till they're gone. Gotta work out rides with Jeff and Ben. After that, we're gonna go out to dinner with Bobby and his family.

I've promised to give a couple people the $2 difference between matinee and evening show for the movie on Thurs. ::sighs:: If I'm not the most generous person I know, then I either need to give out more or less money, cuz if I don't get the title, then I'm gettin' pretty much nothin' outta this.

If anyone's allowed to see R movies but is underage, I should be able to get you your ticket if you want to go, as long as you give me the cash. We're seeing Bad Boys II at 7:40 on Thurs. I'm not gonna go out and invite underage people, because doing so is just more hassle for myself and my mom.
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