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Got my filling done without any drugs. ::grins:: Whee! :D Then Guard was fun; didn't do much work. We did drop spins for half the time, and when I went aside with Rita at first so that she could teach anything I didn't know to me, she was impressed and gratified that I already knew how to do them, both left and right. ^_^ So she didn't have to do any work with me. I felt good. :D I had practiced left drop spins a bit during the tryouts, which is why I knew them, but I couldn't get them that well. Then, toward the end, band people started showing up cuz they've got something or other, so that was awesome, since I know half the band. ::grin:: Fun! :D I invited a few more people to the movie Thursday.

Gonna try to get my wrapping paper back from Raleigh; gotta call her and see if I can stop by since she's not online. And hashing out coming up with Amanda right now. Gotta tell work when I can't work next month today as well.
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