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Argh.. reading for too long in the day makes me feel claustrophobic and alone. Wish I had more close friends; conversation with anyone but them is short and choppy because I don't have much to say. Tenshi's out for a week, not that I've been talking to her much recently anyway, and conversation with Jeff is basically about gaming only, and arguing about gaming at that. I don't really have long conversations with most people. ::sighs:: Not much of a people person, I suppose, not with conversations anyway. Can crack jokes and do silly things. ::shrug::

Things kinda blow, truthfully. I keep it in abeyance through various means, but they do. ::sighs:: I don't really know where I stand (or where to stand) with too many people, and I'm not very close to anyone.. girl stuff pushes me away from Tenshi somewhat, and she went through crap and never gave me a clear signal of where I'm to stand, so I don't know what I'm supposed to do there. I feel distanced from everyone, and it really sucks. Though I'm just whining and dwelling, and there's no point in that - doesn't help anything. Should go back to reading. I suppose that's what I'll do. Lonely business, that.
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