Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Got back into town around 5, ate at Sushi Bay with Mom, then picked up Jeff and went to Derek's house for a couple hours. Harassed Cassie and Nanashi, then grabbed Nanashi and Jeff and went to Barnes & Noble to check out the new 3.5 corebook. Much fun, and spell-switching works as I thought it did. (Hmm, just realized that I need to finish levelling my character.) Then picked up Shima and headed back to my house to make her a character for Ben's game; she had already been playing, but with a crappy char that Faji handed her. So we made her one that she likes. ^_^ It's pretty cool, and she took some random stuff just to be fun, which I liked. XP And I made her take languages. ::grins:: Though I myself need to take more.. wish I got more skill points per level. ::sigh::

Things I need to do:

-Finish writing my letter to Sorrel
-Finish levelling my character
-Finish making my Prestige Classes

Those are in order of importance, by the way. :) I wanna see Sorrel again.
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