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Ow.. ow.. ow..

Head hurt, back hurts, feet hurt, was starving because I'd barely eaten today, ate, now my tummy hurts a bit, was having trouble keeping balance, was very tired because I've had to get up at 10 for the past two days,.. uff. Not the best day of work.

Alex offered to take me to and from Deep Run so that I wouldn't have to walk; surprising, and very nice. I graciously accepted. ^_~ Only got to do about an hour of gaming, but I dealt 144 damage then left. (Not as exciting as it may seem - that was spread evently over 18 targets.) They found a chest with 100k gold at the end of the battle.. Faji got half of it (not sure why), and he said he'd give me 5 or 10k, so that's not bad. It'll be helpful. The party prolly got to the Elven city and did some stuff, got another side quest.. should ask about what happened. While I was working, I was thinking about the game, and I came up with some neat stuff - gotta talk to some people and see if I can do it.

Thought more about what to put into the letter to Sorrel; it's coming along, I think. Though I'm not sure she'll get it anyway. ::sigh:: Stupid crap.
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