Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Rant on anorexia

Clipped from a comment I made on Tenshi's journal:

"Anorexia is stupid; don't admire them. No matter how much self-control they might have, they're stupid, and it's not so much self-control as it is a driving force that pushes them to it. They have severe problems, and the self-control they display isn't self-control, it's just that you'd need self-control to do it, so you see it as self-control on their part. But it's absolutely stupid of them; they may have control over their bodies, but that control is just to harm them. You have no idea how much it upsets me that you, or anyone else, could possibly look up to those people, in any way.

[...] I have no respect for those people whatsoever; they could be the nicest people on earth, but if they're that stupid, I'd rather see them die than watch as others fall to their trap. I'd rather make each and every one of them die. NOBODY should put their body, their mind, and their self-image through that. NOBODY should be so fucked up in the head that they do that."
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