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Just cuz I look like I don't know what I'm doing..

..doesn't mean that I don't. Never underestimate me.

Shimarisu666: you realize you forgot to do a bit of paperworks at teh end ^^
JimBob4554: didnt forget
JimBob4554: i had already cleared it with abby, and i did most of it before you guys started
JimBob4554: i just gotta call her and give her my cell
JimBob4554: you underestimate me, my dear


The movie was good, again. I really, really wish I were better looking.. and if I were in a lighter mood, I'd say, "But the combination of good looks and my winning personality would just make me irresistable," but I'm not in a lighter mood, so I just wish I were better looking. ::sigh:: Not the first I've said that, and surely not to be the last. ::shrug::

Took Raleigh home.. granted, a half hour later than she was supposed to be home, but that was at her request (and even then I had to drag her off because I promised I'd be home by 11).. hope she didn't get in a lot of trouble, though. ::sigh:: Little sacrifices for big gains are the way to go, Raleigh - if you make it home when you're told to, you're more likely to be let out more often. It's a building process leading to a lot of freedom. (Of course, I should have said that earlier and gotten her home on time; part of the fault here is mine. Of course, if she didn't get in any trouble, the point is moot, but there it is.)

Edit: ::clears throat:: Alex just gave me a spicy Cheeto(h?) to try. They taste like Andy Capp's Fries. Ahh, brings back memories.

MorEdit: ::sigh:: She's not on. [She being Raleigh, for clarification.] That means one of many, many things, but I tend to assume what I'm worried about.. ya know, because I'm worried about it.. so I'm just waiting for her to get online. Hope she does.
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