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Movie was quite good; kinda weird not hugging people a lot. ::shrug:: I managed fine, though. Everyone came but Raleigh, though some people were late (::cough cough COUGH::); was disappointed that she couldn't make it. ;.; Tenshi gave me her black eye stuff to return to her; will hopefully do that tomorrow. Gonna hopefully see Pirates tomorrow as well. ^^

The Prestige Classes are coming along, idea-wise. Just finished making the concepts for all of them, and gave the High Seer a cool Link Party feat (that s/he can take if they're 5th level High Seer or higher) that allows them to cast protection/etc. spells on every member of the party within 100 feet. :D Anyway, eating cherries now and thinking about my prestige classes, as well as talking to Ben (Lee) about them and talking to Raleigh as well. Waiting for Jeff to get on so that we can decide times for tomorrow.
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