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1. If you could run away with one person who would it be and to where? It would suck to be with only one person. I have so much fun with so many people, and some of them even see a more serious side of me.. though not often. Unless they're Tenshi, in which case they're stuck with it too often.
2. If you could see something in your future what would it be? "Something" Duh. I don't know; that's a stupid question. I'd hope to see one of my dreams come true..
3. If you could get rid of one person in your life who would it be? Off the top of my head, nobody.
4. If you could be really good at something what would it be? What's that supposed to mean? I can be really good at things! I dunno.. I'd.. I don't know. Since I don't want to go into anything serious at the moment, how about magic?
5. If you had to kill yourself how would you do it? ::shudder:: I hate the thought. A gun would be quick.
6. If you could read one person's mind who would it be? Again, stupid question. But I wouldn't mind knowing what one particular person was thinking sometimes. So that person, I suppose, but only sometimes, not all the time. Though.. that would still be bad. People shouldn't know. [EDIT: Just thought of something : My own mind. It would be good to understand what the heck I'm thinking!]
7. Which song do you think best describes you? I don't know. I don't have a good memory.
8. What's in your dream house? Dreams? Stuff. I don't know. Me.
9. Would you have wanted to been born a boy or a girl? I don't know. I'm glad I came out a boy, but if it had been before I had experience, I don't think it would have mattered much.
10.Why do you hang around with the people that you do instead of those "other people" over there? I click, to varying degrees, with most of the people that I hang out with. Sometimes only (very) occasionaly, but I still do. The other people give me funny looks whenever I act like I do. This group does too sometimes, but it's not as bad. I'm more accepted. Some of the people I hang out with, I hang out with because I'm attracted to them; that was my initial reason for hanging out with them. It's grown past that, of course.
11.When you die do you believe things will be better for you? ...
12.What song gets your eyes wide and stops your breathing as you forget the world and lose yourself in insanity? None
13. Is 13 unlucky? In some ways. Not as it's normally seen, though.
14. If you could get back together with your first love would you? No. (resounding period)
15. What kind of behavior just really pisses you off? People disagreeing with me, other things. This one's stupid, and I think people that indulge in being angry or hating someone because of this are stupid, but sometimes when someone I like shows affection for someone else. That's a rare one, though, for me, and I don't indulge in it; I put great faith in my logic.
16. How many times will you forgive someone? Depends. Too many, probably.
17. If you had to choose one of your friends to die, who would it be? I wouldn't. I'd sacrifice myself first.
18. Pro-life or pro-choice? In a perfect world, pro-life. Now, pro-choice. Hell, let's kill some of the bastards; the world's too populated as it is.
19. If you had to lose 2 of your 5 senses what would they be? ::shudder:: I don't know. Guess taste would be the one that I need the least. I need sight, and hearing's nice. Touch is useful. So I guess taste and smell, the ones that are less necessary to living.
20. If you could erase your entire life and start over, would you? No. That would suck.
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