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Ehh, what the hell? Something to do..

1) Ever been so drunk you blacked out? No.
2) Missed school because it was raining? Hmm. Missed Karate because of flooding.. dunno about school.
3) Put a body part on fire for amusement? Yes, but not quite like that.
4) Been hurt emotionally? Meh. Who cares?
5) Kept a secret from everyone? Is that even possible?
6) Had an imaginary friend? Don't believe so.
7) Cried during a Movie? Yep.
8) Had a crush on a teacher? Yep.
9) Ever thought an animated character was hot? I dislike that term.
10) Had a New Kids on the Block tape? Nope.
11) Been on stage? Yep.
12) Cut your own hair? >.> Just a bit.. minor adjustments. Let's never speak of that again.

1) Shampoo? Things with conditioner in them are nice.
2) Soap? Uhh.. nice-smelling? ::shrug::
3) Color? Blue. Or black or red or whatever..
4) Day/Night? Night. Though it's scarier.
5) Summer/Winter? Winter. Summer's hot. Though no school in summer, and I love that.
6) Lace or satin? ..Satin.
7) Cartoon Character? Uhh.. Bugs Bunny?
8) Food? Lots.
9) Commercial? Haha, there are some really funny ones.. like the Michelin one..
10) Movies? Uhm.. ::shrug::
11) Subject? Myself. Duh.
12) Non-alcoholic drink? Skim milk.
13) People to talk to? Tenshi, Jeff, Raleigh, Afton, Slater.. all at times, anyway. Tenshi more than most. And.. err..


1) Wearing? Jeans, tshirt, boxers, skin, hair, glasses...
2) Hair is? Yes.
3) Feeling? .....
4) Eating? Nothing.
5) Drinking? Also nothing.
6) Thinking about? .....
7) Listening to? Hum from speakers.
8) Talking to? Tenshi's and Raleigh's windows are up, though nothing's been said for a few minutes. Mike actively. Ben just IMed me.

1) Cried? I don't believe so.
2) Have on a skirt? No, though many have been rooting for it.
3) Met someone new? I daresay I've met lots of new people, in one form or other.
4) Cleaned your room? Somewhat.
5) Done laundry? Nope.
6) Drove a car? Yep.

1) Yourself? I think therefore I am.
2) Your friends? Atimes.
3) Santa Claus? No.
4) Tooth fairy? No.
5) Destiny/fate? No.
6) Angels? Tenshi.
7) God? Not quite.

1) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Not as such.
2) Do You Like anyone? Yes.
3) Who's the loudest? I.
4) Who's the shyest? Tenshi.
5) Who's the weirdest? I.
6) Who do you go to for advice? I generally don't. But.. Jeff or Tenshi. Depends.
7) When have you cried the most? With/after Melissa, probably.
8) What's the best feeling in the world? Love in all its forms.
9) Worst feeling? Despair.
10) Who will respond to this post the fastest? In one sense of the word, whoever sees it first.
11) Who will read this, that you won't think reply? I wish I knew what you just said.
12) Who sent this to you? Nobody.
13) Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back to you? Not particularly. That'd be a crapload of reading. But hey, whatever floats their boat(s).
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