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I'm up, I'm up! Haha. Yes, I didn't get up until 2:30; I feel like Slater. XP Sorry to everyone that wanted to talk to me. Elizabeth, I'll be sure to talk to you tonight, if I get the chance. ^^;; You're gonna be gone in 4 days.. ;.; Hey, did you get your scores in the mail or did you call? (Cuz I realize that I could have called a week ago to get them, but I'm lazy. I'm gonna go out after I shower to check if they've arrived.)

Welp, off to shower. XP Then, hopefully, I'll be posting AP scores. XP

EDIT: Darn, no AP scorse. What the heck is the number to call to get those? >.< I threw out the little packet thingie.

Oh, but I did get the Aid Application. Apparently I'm a "Preferred Student," if that means anything.
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