Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Good advice.

Jagfire> I gotta virus
wwestnilee> speaking of virus
wwestnilee> when i dl hundreds of porn videos and stuff
wwestnilee> i rename them to like "virus1" "virus2" and stuff
Jagfire> o.O
wwestnilee> then my parents see these files and they dont want to open them
wwestnilee> thats how to prevent parents from looking at ur porn

Yeah, I've been on for too long, and I still haven't gone to clean out the car. Gonna do that sometime tonight.. >.>


morEDIT: Threeboy> don't use it ever when i'm in here please.
_3D_Mike|work> use what?
_3D_Mike|work> whigger?
Threeboy> "nigger" it's fucking rascist.
JonM> I am not racisct
JonM> it was easier to type then african american

I love you.
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