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Pretty good night. ^^;

Came back from the barbeque to find a letter from Sorrel awaiting me (which I'd been waiting for). ^_^ Haven't read it yet, though. Will in a bit. ^^

The barbeque was pretty fun, minus the fact that Raleigh's dad scares the crap out of me. XP Still, was pretty fun. Sorry if I worried you, Ania.. uhh, stuff. >.> Yeah, I suck. I'm stupid. Disregard random bouts of depression.

Hmm.. I dunno. Anyway. Only 5 of the people I invited showed up.. that sucked. lol. Oh well. ::shrug:: Still fun and stuff. I left before Ania did cuz I didn't wanna be the last person out (and I'd been wanting to make this entry for a while tonight). Her parents told me that I should come back sometime, though, so I don't think they wanna kill me. :P Always a plus. Though I think that her dad walking through the room while I was trying to bite her neck was a minus. XP And I didn't get to do it, either! >.< Drat!

And apparently stamps are now 37 cents. I haven't been keeping up with stamp price increases; did not realize that.
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