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Beach Day

Day started out pretty poorly. Had a small breakfast, then we set out; I wasn't feeling so hot till we ate again once we got there. Felt sick.. though not quite conventionally sick. Heh heh. Didn't much feel like swimming, but I've a lot more proof now that I don't burn. :D Hours of direct sunlight and no pain whatsoever! Walked around shopping for a few hours, and with Mom's.. err, financial assistance.. bought a few things - nerdy souvenier for Tenshi, souvenier for Raleigh that matches her goth-esque style, a funny shirt that I'll wear tomorrow - it'll be perfect for the barbeque ::evil grin:: - and a backwards clock, that, alas, I doubt many people will see until we move. We came back earlier than expected because Mom and I were about to pass out from having been there in the heat since 9, so we basically missed the fireworks - saw a few on the way back, heard them when we got back here, and Dad saw a few out the window - which kinda sucks, but.. ::shrug:: The trip back started off kinda lonely.. stupid me, heh heh.

Anyway, that reminds me - who else wants to come to the barbeque tomorrow? Free food! Heh heh.

EDIT: Got through another chunk of Harry Potter. Going strong. :)
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