Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Stolen from Molly

[Name] Konstantin Gennady Akselrod
[Nickname] Kevin, PV, zimdanen, Stile, dixi, etc.
[Screen name] JimBob4554, L33t Pet Vampire, Lone Gerbil. Those are the only ones I use.. I think I may still have access to TomasAndragorian
[Birthday] January 26
[Age] 17
[Astrological sign?] Aquarius
[Chinese zodiac sign?] Tiger
[Location] In a chair, in front of my computer, in my house, in West End Richmond, VA, USA, Earth, Milky Way...
[Sexual Preference] I prefer bi, thanks, but I'm hetero at the moment.
[Marital Status] Nonexistant.
[Religion] I believe in myself above all else.. Narcissism?
[Eye color] Brown
[Height] 6'1?
[Shoe size] Don't feel like going to check..
[Parents still together?] Not at the moment; Mom's at work. ^_~
[Siblings?] No thanks. (Yeah, one. His birthday's tomorrow.)
[ Nieces/Nephews? ] Yep (not by your definition, though)
[ Kids of your own? ] I've stolen a few.
[ Grandkids? ] See above.
[ Pets?] Looking for one.. who's up for it? ::holds up leash and collar, handcuffs....:: ::grins::
[ In school/graduated? ] Neither; at home. XP But I attend school during normal school days and hours, most of the time.
[ Rent, lease, or own your home?] My parents own. XP
[ Have any credit cards? ] Yep. ^^;;;
[ What do you drive? ] Everyone else insane. (Toyota Camry, though sometimes the van when I have to)


[ Color] Blue
[ Number ] N/A
[ Animal ] depends
[ Vehicle ] Toyota Camry XPPP
[ Flower ] Rose
[ Scent ] Female. ^^-
[ Shape ] See above. XP
[ Drinks ] Milk! :D And other stuff.
[ Soda ] Coke in a bottle, lime stuff
[ Book ] We don't have time to list 'em all. XP
[ Band ] N/A
[ Song ] N/A

[ Color your hair? ] Nope.
[ Twirl your hair? ] Sometimes.
[ Have tattoos? ] Nope.
[ Piercings? ] No intentional ones. (XP)
[ Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? ]
[ Cheat on tests/homework? ] Try my best! :D
[ Drink/Smoke? ] No.
[ Like roller coasters? ] 'Slong as I'm not on 'em, I gots no problem with 'em!
[ Wish you could live somewhere else? ] Not really..
[ Want more piercings? ] NO!!
[ Like cleaning? ] Not particularly. XP
[ Write in cursive or print? ] Print. Takes forever to write in cursive.
[ Carry a donor card? ] Not intentionally - my license says I'm a donor, gotta get that fixed.
[ Swear a lot? ] Too much.
[ Own a web cam? ] Yes. (ish.. we've got a couple, dunno that I actually own one :P)
[ Know how to drive? ] Yes.
[ Diet? ] By definition, yes.
[ Own a cell phone? ] Yep.
[ Ever get off the damn computer? ] Occasionally.
[ Hablar Espanol? ] Better than you, obviously.

Have you ever...

[ Gotten a speeding ticket?] Nope.
[ DUI? ] Nope.
[ Been in a wreck? ] Been a wreck.. never in one, though. XP I try to let people calm down a little before raping them. xP
[ Been arrested? ] Nope.
[ Been in a fist fight? ] Ish.
[ Kicked someone in the nuts? ] I think I missed.. >.>
[ Stolen anything? ] Yep.
[ Held a gun? ] Yep.
[ Drank? ] Keeps me alive!
[ Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? ] Nope.
[ Considered a life of crime? ] Yep.
[ Considered being a hooker? ] Yep.
[ Been married? ] Nope.
[ Cried over a girl? ] Yep.
[ Cried over a boy? ] Possibly.
[ Lied to someone? ] All the time.
[ Been in love? ] Yes.
[ Fallen for your best friend? ] Yes.
[ Made out with JUST a friend? ] Yes.
[ Been rejected? ] Yes.
[ Been in lust? ] Yes.
[ Used someone? ] Yes.
[ Been used? ] Yes.
[ Been cheated on? ] I don't think so.
[ Been kissed? ] Yes.
[ Experimented with homosexuality?] Yes. We took pictures last night, in fact.


[Current mood] Meh.
[Current music] None.
[Current taste] Saliva, cheek.
[Current hair] o.0 Weird question. Umm.. my own?
[Current annoyance] Lots of things. My head's itching. ::scratches::
[Current smell] Smells slightly like rubber. Not sure why.
[Current thing I ought to be doing] Reading, planning, talking, cleaning, etc.
[Current windows open] None. My windows are closed. The shades are open, though.
[Current desktop picture] (It's called a wallpaper, genius.) Lodoss War.. it's sweet. I've been looking to get rid of it, but I'm lazy. XP I've had it for over half a year now.
[Current favorite band] N/A
[Current book] Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
[Current cds in stereo] Uhh.. N/A
[Current crush] Moving on.
[Current favorite celeb] o.0 N/A
[Current hate] My stupidity.
[Current job] Support (AKA busboy) at Glory Days Grill

The last time

[Last book you read] Fully? Fatherland.
[Last movie you saw] Rugrats (the new one) ^^;;
[Last thing you had to drink] Uhh.. Milk.
[Last thing you ate] Cereal. Or skin.
[Last person you talked to on the phone] Katie

Do you

[Do drugs?] Of course.
[Have a dream that keeps coming back?] Daydream..
[Play an instrument?] Not really.
[Believe there is life on other planets?] It's possible/probable.
[Remember your first love?] Yes.
[Still love him/her?] No.
[Read the newspaper?] Not really.
[Have any gay or lesbian friends?] Yep.
[Believe in miracles?] Haha, I don't wanna take up the space to go into this. Let's just say: depends.
[Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? ] No.
[Consider yourself tolerant of others?] Haha, no way. People tick me off.
[Consider love a mistake?] Sometimes........
[Have a favorite candy?] Maybe.
[Believe in astrology?] It's there. It's crap, but it's there.
[Believe in magic?] Depends on your definition of magic. But no, not really. Hoping, though..
[Believe in god?] Depends on your definition of god. Not really though. XP
[Do well in school?] Ehh, I manage. Not well, but not horrible either.
[Go to or plan to go to college] Yes.
[Wear hats?] Occasionally.
[Have any piercings?] Didn't I answer this already?
[Have any tattoos?] See above.
[Hate yourself?] Sometimes..
[Have an obsession?] ::blush::
[Have a secret crush?] ::blushes more::
[Do they know yet?] God, I hope not! I feel sick now....
[Collect anything?] Dust? XPPP
[Have a best friend?] YES!
[Close friends?] Got them too!
[Like your handwriting?] It's useful. XP But no.
[Care about looks?] Of course.

=Love life=

[First crush] Uhh, don't remember. May or may not have been a counselor at camp.
[First kiss] Mommy? ^^- Maggie.
[Single or attached?] Attached to my chair at the moment.
[Ever been in love?] Yes.
[Do you believe in love at first sight?] No.
[Do you believe in "the one?"] Not as such.
[Describe your ideal significant other] Uhh.. significant, and not me. That seems to fit. o.0

Juicy stuff

[Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?] Kinda, but not really.
[Have you ever been intoxicated?] Yes.
[Favorite place to be kissed] Depends. XP Mouth, right now. ^^ Fun..... ::dreamily remembers:: ^^;;;;
[Are you a tease?] Yep. XP
[Shy to make the first move?] Yes. >.>;;;;;

Are you a

[Wuss] Oh yeah!
[Druggy] Nope.
[Daydreamer] Yep!
[Freak] Yepyep!!
[Dork] Hush, puppy. XP (Yes. XP)
[Bitch/Asshole] Most definitely.
[Brat] Oh yeah! I'm a yuppie, what do you expect? XPPP
[Sarcastic] Sometimes. :P
[Goody-goody] Also sometimes. >.> XP
[Angel] No, he's sexy. XPPP
[Devil] >D
[Shy] Yes.
[Talkative] Sometimes.
[Adventurous] Not really.
[Joker] Yes. ^^;; It becomes very bitter and dark when only I get it, though.
[Flirty] Yep. ^^;; Very.

Wow, I think it may take longer to clear off previous answers than to answer with my own. XP
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