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Yeah, I suck at getting places. :P Trust your instincts, not (faulty) logic! Gah. :P Yeah, so I took an extra like 45 minutes getting home, cuz I'm stupid. :P And I kept my parents up. >.< That's bad. And wasting gas is also bad. >.<

Anyway, had much fun with Sorrel and Mimi (and Sorrel's parents). ^_^ Didn't help much, though; Sorrel had pretty much finished up by the time I got there. >.< But we had fun, so that was cool. And they're going away to camp (is Rae-chan also going?) for 6 weeks, so I won't have to bother trying to find my way there and back for a while.

(Rae's not going to camp. :P)

Pretty fun day, all in all, though I'm sorry for my parents. >.<

EDIT: Actually, very fun day. And I saw the movie Labyrinth, which was quite good. They put makeup on me to make me somewhat resemble the dude, though they didn't do it how his was.. but it looked better that way, they said. :P There are pictures; I'll show everyone when I get a copy. ^_^ Everyone got makeupped.. I did Mimi's. ^^; That.. was interesting. XP Gotta post those pictures too..

So yeah, we had lots and lots of fun. Very happy. :) Very glad I went.

'nother EDIT: Oh, and MUCH thanks to Rae for helping me get to Sorrel's house. ^_^;;
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