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AP English 12 (Brit Lit)

Holy shit! I have to read 3 plays, 1 novella, 8 short stories, a book (which will be Harry Potter), then I also have to pick a poet and read 10 short poems (or the equivalent in long poems) and see a Shakespearean play performed. GAH! And there's no way that I'm gonna take notes on this crap, so this is gonna suck when I get back.

Yeah, I'm gonna do this from least to most important. Since I'll have an essay test on the three plays on Sept. 8, I think I'll read those last so that they'll be freshest in my mind.

GAH! I wanna drop. >.< Though not really, haha, this isn't nearly as bad as APUSH was. ^_^ I just don't wanna have to do all this work and then be expected to remember a lot of it. I hope my teacher will be as lenient as Mrs. Bruner was this past year (not likely :P). ^^;;

And I wanted to get through a lot of my books this summer, too! ;.; Looks like that won't be happening..

EDIT: Great. Started reading the first short story, and I dislike it already. This should be a fun summer. >.< This is reminiscent of the trouble I had with Scarlet Letter (though that was worse :P what an awful, awful book).
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