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The rave was AMAZING! Hehe. I had tons of fun. And I got Jeff to dance! Mega points for me! :D I saw a couple guys there from AMA that I knew (Chris, who invited me, and Casey, who's just awesome and did some Skeletor freestyle rap), and three girls that apparently I had met at AMA but didn't remember (one of whom is Chris' girlfriend). To make up for that, I danced with them all night. ^_^

We decided to take the long way home. Actually, decided isn't exactly the proper word.. it was decided for us when Chippenham didn't turn back into Parham. :P We took 95 to 64 to get back. We didn't mind the fact that it took two or three times as long to get back, though, cuz it gave us (Jeff and I) a chance to talk, which is nice. That only happens once in a while, but it's always nice when it does. And I think I just realized why it's easy to talk to him - because, for some reason, I can talk to him in person. I can't really talk to him online much, but in person it just works.. we crack jokes and stuff during our serious conversations. ^^

When we got back to Church, there was like this light fog at about street level.. never seen anything like that before; it was only like a foot, foot-and-a-half high, and that's it. Was weird. Anyway, I got home about 35/40 minutes later than I told my mom (though it didn't matter; she's cool ^^) and now I'm typing this up. The DJ (forgot his name) is looking to do stuff like this about once every two months, so I hope to be going to another before summer's out. ^^ Jeff seems excited to go back as well. :)

And the house was like a freakin' castle! Dude! I want that house!!
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