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Not much going on; reading, playing SW.. not RPing or checking on my forum. Nobody seems to have any enthusiasm to RP, so I couldn't keep mine up, though I'll go and reply to Faji's post in a second. Things are kinda empty.. going to a (clean) rave on Friday with Jeff and maybe another person or two (anyone know Sammi's number?).. Things are just kinda.. there. Nothing to do, though people to do it with - could get Jeff, Cary, and Katie up here in a flash, I'm sure. Should check out what DVDs I've got and see if people wanna come watch.

I see myself standing at the edge of a perfect cliff, trees thickly stretching out beneath me starting a bit away from the cliff (maybe 100/200 feet).. wearing black or brown or green or purple robes, dark regardless, the wind blowing not hard but not lightly either at me, making my robes flap some.. I'm kind of unfeeling, distant, looking out into the wind..

Anyway, yeah. Stupid, ne? I'll go back to reading or something.
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