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Murp. $.$

As soon as band camp starts, I'm gonna owe my parents a heck of a lot of money. I owe them $204 right now (already bought presents for 4 of the 6 occasions I need to buy presents for in July), and the Guard still will total like $300 or thereabouts, I'm thinking, plus the $75 my parents already paid for warmups.. they're willing to pay half of the total for Guard. Which means I'm gonna owe them another like $200. ::sigh:: Don't think I'll be going out for Winter Guard. ;) It'll be an experience, though.. an expensive one, but an experience nonetheless.

I'm still lucky, though.. my parents pay for just about everything I do, and they just randomly hand me money (though not large denominations, granted), and I tend to get extra money whenever I go places (also not a lot, but still.. $10 for movies leaves me $2 for myself), so in the end, it's not so bad. Just that this is lump sum type stuff, so it seems worse. :P I get to go out and have fun with my friends all the time, so I guess I can fork over a bit for Guard. ^^; Though yeah, definitely not gonna do Winter Guard (even if I'd be able to get on it.. I hear it's 3x harder than Color Guard, and few first-years from Color Guard get on it :P).

So yeah.. I'm getting even poorer. ;.; My job is basically keeping me floating so that I stay around $200 in debt, and that's it.. sigh. >.< Dammit.

It's a good thing that I rarely spend money on myself. ^^; It's a bad thing that I'm so generous with gifts for my friends, though. >.> Oh well.. It'll all work out in the end, I'm sure. -_-;;;;;

Welp, off to eat! Mm, food! :D
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