Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


So much death around her, Uriel head was begining to spin. An idea suddenly poped into head. She picked out man who appeared to be a commmander and had him "spot" the childern.

This post scares me. I've edited it a bit to make it seem slightly intelligent, but you don't just pick out a commander in a fucking battle and tell him to spot children. That's.. does that seem like godmoding to you? I'd delete it and make her redo it, but.. Actually.. ::grin:: Nevermind. I'll send her a reprimand. But that post still scares me anyway.

EDIT: How's *that* for an in-game reprimand?! HAHA! XD Do not mess with the 1337 RPer!

Seriously, I would have let her off easily gladly if she hadn't just grabbed a leader from the midst of a battle and set him to guarding children. I could understand it if she had made some premise for herself beforehand, but she just showed up and did it! Grr! lol.

JimBob4554: i'm rather proud of myself
JimBob4554: it's mean, granted, and i should prolly just try to teach her better, but ..
JimBob4554: she should know better! lol. its logic!
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