Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Yeah, work was a combination of lotsa good stuff and lotsa bad stuff. I spent a lot of time yelling, "No. No. NO!" mentally at the other bussers. >.< After work, went with Katie to Borders to keep her company while she got the new Harry Potter (and I will borrow it from her to do my summer reading.. and then Jeff'll snatch it from me), and, while sipping hot cocoa, I came to the revelation that hot cocoa is indeed hot. Also, Jeff and I are adolescent males. Now, that may seem obvious to you, but it came abundantly clear as we (I invited Jeff down to hang out), while around Katie, were going, "Ooh, boobs! ::squeezing motion::" While Katie and I were walking back to the car, I kept doing that to demonstrate my immaturity, and she finally just threw open her arms and went, "Fine, here!" XDDD That was funny.

Welp, the d20 Modern campaign starts tomorrow.. w00t! :D Should be much fun. Need to talk to Ariel tomorrow.
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