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More funny Elizabeth stuff.

She's critical of everyone (and uses both accounts as individual entities to do it), and she thinks that her plans for power will work. They won't; they can't. If they do, I'll be very surprised.. and she'll be in a lot of pain. ::shrug::

LizGal2002: You know, Katie's made Lucifere into a sadistic being.
LizGal2002: Hey, you're on Nippon too.
JimBob4554: We're working on a traditional basis; Lucifere is sadistic.
LizGal2002: Then why would anyone want to follow him?
LizGal2002: That is true.
JimBob4554: Because he'd lead them to power.
LizGal2002: But (s)he can't be blindly sadistic.
JimBob4554: She's not blindly sadistic.
LizGal2002: Sure seems that way.
LizGal2002: You would think the emperor of darkness would have a bit more dignity.
JimBob4554: She doesn't seem blindly sadistic, and she does have dignity.
JimBob4554: You're a little critical of everyone, aintcha?
LizGal2002: Not to me.
LizGal2002: To tell the truth, if I weren't Rosier and if I were a Fallen, I definitely would not have followed her.
JimBob4554: You're not following her anyway.
LizGal2002: True, but not true.
LizGal2002: She is a shield.
LizGal2002: I can use that.
LizGal2002: I've got an idea!
LizGal2002: I'll use Yuna as my avatar!
JimBob4554: Okay.
LizGal2002: Hehehehe.
LizGal2002: Are ya scared now?
JimBob4554: No. ROFL, you can't scare me; you're a pissant little demon.
JimBob4554: And I don't think a single one of your plans will work.

Oh, and less people are coming for the movie than we figured originally. But we figured that would happen. ^_~

LizGal2002: Can I tell you something?
LizGal2002: Promise you'll never tell?
JimBob4554: Can't do that.
JimBob4554: Don't wanna make a promise I'm not sure I'll be able to keep.
LizGal2002: I'll tell you anyway.
LizGal2002: Do you know Tidus from FFX?
JimBob4554: No.
LizGal2002: Never mind.
JimBob4554: ::laughs::

LizGal2002: Fine, be that way.
JimBob4554: Okay.
LizGal2002: You're not yaoi, are you?
JimBob4554: ::grins::
LizGal2002: Are you both?
LizGal2002: Answer and then I'll have to go.
LizGal2002: I won't tell. :-)
JimBob4554: ::laughs::
JimBob4554: I'm off to eat. See ya, Elizabeth.
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